International Peace Garden Campus Upgrades

The International Peace Garden Campus Upgrade Project is a phased project that began with the Children’s Natural Play Park and renovation of the Cafe. The Addition to the Conservatory has been completed and the moving and final plantings of the succulent collection continues. The exterior landscaping will be completed in the spring/summer of 2024. The Conservatory is home to the world’s largest indoor succulent collection.

The Natural Play Park at the International Peace Garden (IPG) is organized into distinct animal habitat play zones connected by crushed stone pathways, woodchip pathways and footbridges. Included in the play zones are a Turtle zone, Wolf zone, and Eagle/Hawk zone. At the heart of the park lies a gathering circle which seats up to 30 people in the inner circle and 80-90 in other surrounding spaces. Additional landscaping and plantings define the play zones and enhance them.