St Mary Chapel & Learning Resource Center

The new Chapel is used by the parish school and for religious education. The Learning Resource Center  includes a library, technology resources, and small group study rooms for the school and parish. In addition, interior upgrades included new windows. Total SF is 9,130.

May 2023 Update – During the month of May interior building finishes were completed, electrical systems have been started up and exterior site reclamation work began. In the month of June sidewalks, and site reclamation and landscaping will be completed.

February and March 2023 Update – During the months of February and March, mechanical and electrical rough ins were finished, sheetrock was installed and finished, and painting began. Acoustical ceilings will be installed while cabinets and trim will begin. In the month of April wood trim, flooring, and interior doors will be installed.

January 2023 Update – During the month of January, façade masonry work was completed. Sheetrock, electrical and mechanical rough ins continued. Sheetrock finishing and ceramic tile began. In February interior painting and other interior finishes will start.

December 2022 Update – During the month of December, facade masonry work, electrical and mechanical rough ins have continued, and sheetrock installation began. Next month sheetrock and ductwork will continue. Sheetrock finishing, windows and exterior siding will commence.

November 2022 Update – During the month of November, electrical and mechanical rough-ins continued. Building Insulation and facade work began, the rooftop air handlers were delivered and set in place. Next month facade work will continue and the interior soffit framing and drywall will start.

October 2022 Update – During the month of October, the roof blocking and sheathing was finished EPDM roofing and shingle roofing was installed. Electrical and mechanical rough-ins were started. Next month the building will be dried in, in wall and above ceiling rough-ins will continue and building façade work will commence.

September 2022 Update – During the month of September, the structural steel, flat roof decking, exterior and interior framing were installed, roof trusses were set in place and the building was sheathed. Next month electrical and mechanical rough-ins will be underway and the roofing materials will be installed.

August 2022 Update – This month underground plumbing and electrical were completed, and concrete slabs were placed for the addition and interior infills. Steel was delivered to site and exterior framing started. During September framing and steel structure will continue and the roof trusses will be set.

July 2022 Update – Construction continues the building addition. Footings and foundation walls were placed and backfilled in July. Demolition work continued interior of the existing building preparing for underground plumbing for the new bathrooms. In the next month the underground rough-ins will be installed, the building slab will be placed, and structure will begin to go vertical.

June 2022 Update – Construction began on Wednesday, June 1, following the conclusion of the school year. An addition of roughly 7,500 sq. ft., adds a new chapel, media center, and main entry. The 2,000 sq. ft. of remodeled space will include bathrooms, storage rooms, a classroom, and offices. Work started with removal of the trees along the future South wall of the new chapel. The topsoil was moved, and the foundations were excavated to prepare for the concrete building foundations. Demolition has started on the interior of the building as well. The new building plans to be open the summer of 2023.

St. Joseph Catholic School & St. Mary Academy Building Project Updates