As the temperature heats up, so is construction season at UND.

The campus is in for another busy summer of hammers, cranes and drills as many university projects take shape, said Brian Larson, UND’s director of construction management.

Montgomery Hall, located between the Chester Fritz Library and Gamble Hall, was torn down a couple of weeks ago to make room for the university’s new business school, the Nistler College of Business and Public Administration.

In the coming weeks, the old UND steam plant will transfer power over to the new building located on the southwest side of campus.

Removal of the old steam plant will take some time, according to Larson, adding that work is set to start toward the end of June or beginning of July. He said crews have been working for several months to prepare for the demolition, which will extend “well into the fall semester” with a road closure. A large crane will be on campus to take apart the stackhouse and other big elements of the building, he said.

“It shows a lot of progress here on our campus,” Larson said of the project.

The old plant will be replaced with a parking lot that’s closer to the core campus buildings. There also will be a realignment of the road near the steam plant, so people will no longer have to cross the street to get to class, he said.

Work is also beginning on Carnegie Hall. Crews have begun removing the two additions on the south side of the original building and then restore the building exterior to its original footprint. Masonry restoration, window replacement, roof replacement and building accessibility will all be addressed with this upcoming project. Interior renovations will follow in a second phase of the project, Larson said.

When the project is completed, in about another year, it will be used as office space.

The Chester Fritz Library, which has been under renovation for more than a year, is also taking shape. Work has been done to the north entrance of the building with a new staircase as well as other upgrades aiming to improve the circulation within the building.

New windows and a new sprinkler system are being installed. There are also renovations being made to the quiet study area in the library.

Progress is also being made on the new Memorial Union building as crews hope to have much of the exterior work wrapped up before winter before turning to the interior of the new building.

“This project is going very well,” Larson said. “They worked hard all through the winter, no stops and pushed all the way through. Now, we’re in a really good place here in the early summer to get this building buttoned up, and we can finish the inside next winter.”

Work on the Gershman Graduate Center, the old president’s home, is also ongoing. Behind the building there will be a patio and grassy area for students to use when it’s nice out.